TERITORIO is a free mobile strategy game, which enables football fans to count themselves, compete and conquer territories for their favorite clubs on a real-world map.


Check out which club has the most fans
in your neigborhood, city, country, and other
interesting statistics.

Statistics are not available at the moment. Please try again later.


Occupy your first territory on a real-world map,
and then keep on conquering and competing
for your favorite club!


Keep developing your Stadiums,
Fan Stores and Skills in order to
stay at the top of your game.


Stadiums protect your territories. Upgrade Stadium levels and you will have a stronger defense.


Fan Stores sell items and earn Gold Coins. Add more items to your Fan Stores and you will earn more.


Skills will enhance your defense, reduce attack costs on remote territories and enable you to conquer more within 24 hours.


Create your own Clan or join an existing one.
Members of your Clan support the same club as you,
and they will help you when you are under attack.


Tonight, we'll organize an attack on the enemy Clan!

1:53 PM

Hey, have you heard the news? We are no.1 in our city!

1:54 PM

We must conquer our neighborhood – it belongs to us!!!

1:55 PM

Member X is under attack!